General Questions

Q: How and when did you start making props & costumes?

A: We are a group of peoples who love to cosplay. Since 2006 we try to make  our own props & costume we found that we can do many things about it and many friends of us commission us to make props & costume for them. Then when we can do more thing we decide to begin RPCSTUDIO to make props & costume for people around the world. 

Q : Do you take commissions?

A:  Yes we do. If you’re interested in a commission head on to contact us.

Q: Why are your props & costume so expensive?

A: Due to We use good quality materials and all order are made to measure. Most of all production made by Hand. We spent many working hour for each order. We also making research to improve quality of products for all too.

Q: Will you tell me how to make props & costume?

A: Unfortunately, We can’t really sit and tell you how to create an entire props & costume. Each of them generally has different techniques involved, and chances are We’ve never done anything like it before. We would have to do hours of research, and We don’t really have that kind of time. Even if it’s a costume We’ve already made, We can’t really sit and tell you how I did everything because each of our projects usually is a result of hours of work, which would take a very long time to explain.

If you are looking for information regarding a props & costumes. We recommend you to check RPF Forum , There's lot of cool tutorials of making props & costumes.

Costume Questions

Q: How is costume's durability?
A: You can see costume's durability from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNguwqZLbOc&t=5s

More FAQ coming soon.

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